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Based in Torino (Italy), Lorenzo Giorda also known as Lord Theremin, began his career playing keyboards in the ‘70s and Flamenco guitar in the ‘80s approaching, in the same period, the Flamenco and Afro dance and studying percussions with Bruno Rose Genero (Torino). Versatile musician, in the ‘90s he introduced the Flamenco guitar in traditional music, practicing the Folk music from Latin to Balkan and Occitan too.


In 1998 an accident involving his left hand, interrupted his career as a guitarist but this did not stop his love for music. The discovery of the theremin in the same year led to his artistic rebirth. His wide experience of music genres met the classical theremin Russian tradition and he discovered his passion for innovation.

Thanks to his ability to improvise on any kind of music, he has collaborated with many musicians experimenting different kinds of music (from Flamenco to Tango, from jazz to rock, from folk and ethnic to electronics) and artistic projects in theatre, dance and contemporary art (“Love Difference” and “Rebirth Day” by Michelangelo Pistoletto), demonstrating that the theremin can be played in diverse situations.


His passion for experimental music led him to develop the symphonic potentialities of the theremin and to introduce personal techniques especially on the low frequency. Among his projects, “Mitumba” – didjeridoo and theremin – carried on together with Andrea Ferroni ( ) is particularly interesting for the originality and the ability to involve the listener with hypnotic sounds and ancestral echoes.


He participated in many international festivals such as the X and XI , XII editions of the Moscow Thereminology Festival in 2021/2022 - 2022/2023 and 2023/2024, the Didjin'oz Festival in 2020, the Soundmit Festival in 2019, the opening of Gosha Ostretsov's exhibition at the Biennale in Venezia 2017, the Science  Festival  in Imola 2016, the Live Performers Meeting 2015 (Roma), the Traffic Festival 2013 – Torino (Italy), the Jazz Re Found Festival 2012 – Vercelli (Italy), the Itinerari Folk Festival Xxv Edition 2012 - Trento (Italy), Le Rêve De L'aborigène 2010- Airvault (France), Festival Didjin'oz 2009 - Forlinpopoli (Italy), Opere Festival 2009 - Bracciano (Italy) and many more.


2020: Dirty Mef feat. Lord Theremin - In a State of Trance

Download - Spotify

2016: Thomas Guiducci - "The true story of a seasick sailor in the deep blue sea" - song "Orange Moon" - Good Luck Factory

2015: Totò Zingaro - "Fiodor" - Miraggi Edizioni

2014: Monaci del Surf  – “Monaci del Surf II” – INRI – Believe distribution -  song “Senza Fine”    

2011: Dead cat in a bag – “Lost bags” – Viceversa Records –Halidon Srl distribution – song “No lust Left”

2011: International Compilation “ The Units “ song “High Pressure Days” – (Opilec Music)

2010: Paolo Fiorucci album “Sei personaggi in cerca di cuore” song “Penso forse sono”

2005: ITALIAN EP (Alessandro Lestino e DJ Pandullo) project NEMESI song “Cosmica” - Relish production.

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